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Artist's Statement

While at an art gallery one can ‘look through the window’ of a painting into the artist’s imagination. The visitor walking through the environment is actually within the fantasy world the artist has created. Any visit to this visionary construction will be an experience like the inner theatre of the mind. To be interpreted on different levels and as an alternative reality. A reality that is not figment of the imagination but one that actually exists.

These newly made and cherished leftovers like elements of a lost language will make themselves into a contemplation of the passage of time, memories of journeys and exploration of choices. The fragments will also bring psychological reflection on the inner conflict of reason and emotion.

Fragments are a critical mirror to our society and its representation - mediated imagery, movie trailers, the world wide web, montage and advertising techniques and the flotsam of every day existence.


Wycombe Sports Centre
FSP Retail
Zachary Design Partnership
Priory Centre
Art Works for Business



For any individual pieces, commissions, installations, residencies, workshops or exhibitions please contact me by phone on or email me with the link below: